Pleased to be back in Freiburg with Quiltstar where I am currently exhibiting in an exhibition 'Inspiration Natur' until 29 September with Monika Schiwy, Isabelle Wiessler, Sophie Maechler (of Quiltstar) 

'All That Remains', artists work reflecting themes in relation to the Titanic story. New work by:

Šárka Darton

Andrew Dickinson

Annie Flitcroft

Heather Gray-Newton

Liz Hanan

Cas Holmes

Juliette Larken

Madeleine Marsh

Miriam McCann

David Pratt
Maureen Brigden
The work is in a private house near Chichester until 22 November.For further details or to book an appointment to see the exhibition please email Dr Sharon-Michi Kusunoki 
Art Textiles: Made in Britain will be exhibiting at Maidstone Museum and Bentliff Gallery from Saturday December 9 2017 to February 10 2018. The exhibition considers personal interpretations and experiences of what may be concealed.

Please note, All events and exhibitions are correct at time of posting. Please check with individual organisations and galleries for times and additional information.

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